Denture Therapy

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Denture Therapy

Denture Therapy in Kirkintilloch

Cowgate Dental Surgery offers several options when it comes to denture therapy. We understand the importance of the decision – when it comes to basic processes like eating and smiling, being able to feel confident in your dentures is critical.

We can help explore what options will be best for you and work with you to ensure that you’re happy and comfortable with your dentures.

We are able to offer full and partial dentures on the NHS if you’re eligible for treatment. When it comes to denture therapy it will normally take place over 4 appointments, 1 week apart.

You’ll be able to choose the shape and colour of your dentures in your second appointment, and if you feel that any adjustments are necessary we will do our best to accommodate these.

We are pleased to offer Valplast Flexible Partials as a private treatment. Valplast Partials are a great alternative to NHS partial dentures – their flexible plastic base means they’re less likely to break, will blend in with your natural gum colour and will fit more comfortably. Find out more about our flexible dentures here.

Denture Therapy in Glasgow

We can also provide chrome dentures as a private treatment option.

Chrome dentures are more comfortable and easier to adapt to – various features can be incorporated into the design. Talk to us to find out more.

They’re very close-fitting and precise due to their specific design which allows them to fit more comfortably in your mouth and their grip can be easily adjusted. They’re the most hygienic option when it comes to dentures.  Whatever treatment best fits your needs, we’ll be happy to discuss it with you and take you through the process of getting the pair of dentures that works for you.

For more information on denture therapy in Glasgow, contact us today on 0141 776 2347, or send us an email.