NHS Dentistry

NHS Dentistry

NHS Dentistry in Kirkintilloch

Everyone’s entitled to a free dental check-up.

Am I eligible for free treatment?

You’re entitled to free dental treatment on the NHS if you are:

  • Under 18.
  • In full-time education and under 19.
  • A pregnant woman, or a nursing mother – up until your child is 12 months old.
  • Have certificated exemption from payment due to income.
  • If you qualify for exemption, please bring evidence along to your appointment.

Otherwise, we offer very affordable rates on treatments. You will pay up to 80% of the treatment’s cost, to a maximum of £384. You may be liable for a charge if you miss your appointment without letting us know.

What isn’t available on the NHS?

Cosmetic treatments aren’t available on the NHS, but we do offer a wide range of these treatments privately for affordable prices. Check out our payment plans and see what works for you.

Childsmile Clinic

We welcome NHS patients to our practice and as part of this, we provide a Childsmile clinic. We’re committed to ensuring your family’s dental health is excellent and work with your child’s nursery and school to ensure they receive the best care.

You can register your baby soon after they’re born – we know how precious those first months are! It’s best to make sure they’re registered by the time they reach 6 months. After that, you’ll come along around every six months – at least yearly.

Childsmile clinic in GlasgowWhat does Childsmile involve?

We’ll give advice on how teeth grow and check your child’s teeth regularly. We’ll also:

  • Give you and your child tips on caring for their teeth.
  • Demonstrate and explain how to brush teeth.
  • Promote good messages about cleaning teeth, e.g. spitting afterwards.
  • Give advice on weaning and healthy snacks and drinks.

We’ll provide dental treatments such as a fluoride varnish twice-yearly: it’s been shown to help prevent tooth decay by strengthening teeth.  Your child’s teeth will be checked at least once a year from 18 months onwards, allowing them to get used to coming to the dentist. Andrew remembers being scared of the dentist as a boy so you can rest assured he’ll do his best to make sure it’s a fun experience.

From two, we’ll be able to provide preventative treatments such as fluoride varnish and fissure seals.

Dental Hygienist

NHS Dentistry in GlasgowVisits to the Hygienist

There’s more to visiting the dentist than your regular check-up, although often that’s all many people consider. You also have the option of visiting our dental hygienists on a 3-month basis. This is available on the NHS but if you aren’t eligible to receive treatment on the NHS you can, of course, visit on a private basis.

Why should I visit a hygienist?

You might be confused about what a visit to the hygienist is for – what are the differences from your check-up? A hygienist visit is different because the dental hygienist focuses more on preventative care at your visits, i.e. helping you to maintain your dental hygiene. A dental hygienist will teach you how to care for your mouth and help to prevent gum disease.

What treatments would a hygienist perform?

Hygienists will carry out a range of treatment to help keep your mouth healthy. They can perform treatments such as a scale and polish, the application of topical fluoride and they can do dental x-rays.

Visiting a dental hygienist is an excellent way to guard against gum problems and improve your oral hygiene.