Root Canal Treatment

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Root Canal Treatment

When is it needed?

Your teeth have two parts. The crown – the part you can see, and the root which is inside and goes down to the jaw, holding the tooth in place. The root canal system also contains the dental pulp, which supplies the tooth with blood and contains the nerve system.

If bacteria gets into the root it can cause an infection which will spread through the root canal system, causing the tooth to become painful and possibly leading to an abscess. As long as root canal treatment is carried out, the tooth can be saved.

What is it? 

Root canal treatment will remove the bacteria from the tooth – the process may involve two or more appointments. The first step in the treatment is to remove any infected pulp in the tooth.

After that, the root is cleaned and enlarged so the root can be filled. When you come back, we’ll check the tooth to make sure the infection’s gone and then we’ll generally fit a crown to the tooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Root Canal Treatment in Glasgow

Will it hurt?

No. We use a local anaesthetic to ensure you won’t be in any pain.

Will root canal treatment change how my teeth look?

Due to the metal filling, your tooth may look darker. In the event that you do suffer any discolouration, we’ll be happy to explore treatments to improve its appearance.

Are there any alternatives to RCT?

The only other option is the removal of the teeth. However, it’s strongly recommended that you keep as many of your natural teeth as possible.

Will it happen again?

With proper care, the infection shouldn’t come back as root canal treatment is relatively successful. If it does, the treatment can be repeated.

What will I need to do after?

You should take care of teeth that have had root-canal treatment as you would any of your teeth. Remember to clean your teeth once a day and keep sugary snacks to a minimum.